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The book series "Danske Komponister" (Danish composers) are now available in Dacapo's webshop

Bogserien 'Danske Komponister' kan nu købes i Dacapos webshop

The book series "Danske Komponister" (Danish composers) are now available in Dacapo's webshop

The book series "Danske Komponister" (Danish composers) makes an interesting reading about the history of the Danish musical life, and focuses among other things on overlooked female composers. The book series can now be purchased at Dacapo's webshop, and are available in Danish only.

New release
15 July 2021

The book series “Danske Komponister” (Danish composers) presents a number of composers, who in spite of their talent have remained relatively unknown for most people. The series is currently consisting of four titles, with more to come.

An overlooked female composer in a male dominated field

The newest addition to the series is a about the two female composers Hilda Sehested (1858-1936) and Nancy Dalberg (1881-1949). In spite of their unquestionable musical talent, they both had a lot of difficulties in becoming recognized in a male dominated world.

In September last year, Dalberg's three string quartets was released in a new recording by the acclaimed Nordic String Quartet. The recording was very well received in Denmark and abroad, and has recently been nominated for the P2 Music Award 2020 which will be awarded on 8 February 2020.

Rediscoveries of remarkable composers

The book series also presents another interesting woman in the Danish musical life: the electronic pioneer Else Marie Pade (1924-2016). Dacapo has released four recordings with the major works by this remarkable composer, who in 2001 experienced an unexpected rediscovery and new-found recognition around the world.

In addition, the book series also contains a portrait of Ludolf Nielsen (1876-1939), one of the last Danish romantics and composer of the large-scale symphonic poem The Tower of Babel among others, and August Enna (1859-1939), the colourful and once very popular composer mainly known for the operas Kleoptra and The little match girl.

The books are only available in Danish. 

Dacapo has released a large number of works by the five interesting Danish composer portrayed in the book series.
  • Lisbeth Ahlgren Jensen, Hilda Sehested, Nancy Dalberg

    Danske Komponister – Hilda Sehested og Nancy Dalberg

  • Nancy Dalberg

    The String Quartets

  • Nancy Dalberg


  • Henrik Marstal, Else Marie Pade

    Danske Komponister – Else Marie Pade

  • Else Marie Pade

    Aquarellen über das Meer; Illustrations

  • Else Marie Pade

    EMP RMX 333 – a tribute to Else Marie Pade (1924–2016)

  • Jens Cornelius, Ludolf Nielsen

    Danske Komponister – Ludolf Nielsen

  • Ludolf Nielsen

    The Tower of Babel

  • Ludolf Nielsen

    Symphony No. 3

  • Steen Chr. Steensen, August Enna

    Danske Komponister – August Enna

  • Alexander Zemlinsky, August Enna

    The Little Match Girl; Die Seejungfrau

  • Ludolf Nielsen, August Enna, Fini Henriques, Hakon Børresen, Victor Bendix, Rued Langgaard

    Romantic Danish Songs

  • Bertel Krarup, Niels Viggo Bentzon

    Danske Komponister – Niels Viggo Bentzon

  • Niels Viggo Bentzon

    The Tempered Piano

  • Niels Viggo Bentzon

    Symphonies Nos. 5 and 7