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Are you interested in releasing music?

Dacapo Records releases approximately 20 titles yearly as digital albums, digital singles, LPs, and CDs. A significant number of these releases feature music by living Danish composers or composers with a Danish connection, while the rest are dedicated to Danish cultural heritage.

Dacapo Records is committed to supporting innovative projects that showcase new and established music at a high artistic level. If you are interested in having your music issued by Dacapo Records, you can submit a proposal using the application form below. Please provide a detailed description of how your project can complement and enhance Dacapo Records' existing catalogue.

Your application should include CVs of all participants, sound recordings featuring examples of the music, and a financial plan. Dacapo Records typically covers the costs of booklet production, artwork, printing, distribution, and marketing for each release.

Collaboration with musicians and ensembles on concert activities, social media presence, and streaming services is essential for promoting the releases. Please outline your plans for these activities in your proposal.

Dacapo Records will acknowledge receipt of your application once it is received. If you require an assessment of your project before submitting your application, you can contact editor Jens Povlsen at

Proposals are reviewed by Dacapo's repertoire committee, which meets four times a year.

Giv en kort beskrivelse af projektet på 2-3 linjer (max 300 tegn)
Projektbeskrivelse på max 2500 tegn svarende til en A4-side
Lav en oversigt over repertoiret og overvejelser om tilknyttede koncertaktiviteter, tilstedeværelse på sociale medier, streamingtjenester m.m. (max 1500 tegn)
Files must be less than 50 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx xls xlsx mp3.