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About Dacapo Records

Dacapo Records is the Danish national label for classical and contemporary music, founded in 1989 and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

With a focus on Danish composers, Dacapo Records works to support the Danish music scene and promote its composers abroad.

We strive to present releases of the highest quality. That’s why we collaborate not only with the best Danish and Nordic artists but also with international top ensembles such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, Lapland Chamber Orchestra and the Kronos Quartet. As a result, Dacapo’s releases are frequently nominated for the most influential international awards.

Do you want to release music?

Every year, Dacapo Records releases about 20 titles such as digital albums, digital singles, LPs and CDs.

Music by living Danish composers or composers with Danish connections makes up a significant part of the releases, while music that can be described as Danish cultural heritage makes up the rest.

Dacapo Records particularly supports the release of innovative projects that present significantly brand new and older music at a high artistic level.

Requests to release music on Dacapo Records can be sent to us at any time. The proposal must contain an accurate and complete project description (max. one A4 page). You must describe how the project can be included in and supplement Dacapo's existing catalogue.

Proposals are sent to director Henrik Rørdam, e-mail: and must, in addition to the project description, also contain CVs of the participants, a financing plan and sound recording with examples of the music.


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