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Esbjerg Ensemble

Henrik Stenberg

Esbjerg Ensemble was founded in 1967 as the first professional chamber ensemble in Denmark, instigated by local forces and the Ministry of Culture. Esbjerg Ensemble has since kept the flag flying as a role model for similar ensembles in Denmark and abroad. The ensemble plays the complete canon of classical music, is recognized for its innovative and versatile programs, and is especially known for its reliable interpretation of contemporary works. Since the beginning, the ensemble has had a close cooperation with composers of our time, and pivotal figures like Karl-Aage Rasmussen, Hans Abrahamsen and Peter Bruun have been artistic directors over the years – a relationship that continues to develop through the annual workshop for young composers, initiated by Frederik Gislinge in 1980. For Dacapo Records, Esbjerg Ensemble has released several CDs with music by, among others, Per Nørgård, Peter Bruun and Bent Sørensen.

  • Matias Vestergård

    Idylls, elegies

  • Rued Langgaard

    Music of the Abyss

  • Steingrímur Rohloff


  • Bent Sørensen

    Pantomime · Rosenbad

  • Per Nørgård

    Sceneries for percussion and ensemble

  • Peter Bruun

    Letters to the Ocean

  • Morten Olsen

    In a Silent Way

  • Anders Brødsgaard

    In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

  • Per Nørgård

    Works for Harp and ensemble

  • Karl Aage Rasmussen

    Three Friends – Sinfonietta Works

  • Bent Sørensen