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Danish National Vocal Ensemble

© Per Morten Abrahamsen

Since their debut in 2007 the Danish National Vocal Ensemble’s 18 full-time professional singers have grappled with everything from early music and the Baroque to Romantic works and demanding contemporary music. Works that require strong individual performances stand high in the repertoire of the DNVE. The 18 singers are all experienced soloists who bring expression and life to the music. Their work is all about personal commitment and razor-sharp precision, whether they are singing works like Messiaen’s Cinq Rechants for 12 solo voices or Orlando di Lasso’s polyphonic masterpieces from the 16th century.

The DNVE has close ties to Danish and other Nordic music – for example the Danish Per Nørgård and the Swedish Sven-David Sandström have written music specifically for the DNVE. The DNVE is a flexible choir which performs fully manned or in smaller groupings. The choir can be expanded with the 56 singers of the Danish National Choir, and the DNVE also cooperates often with other choirs.

The ensemble has sung with among others Concerto Copenhagen, the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, the Bergen Philharmonic and NDR in Hamburg, as well as concerts with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. In 2011 the Swede Olof Boman joined the Danish National Vocal Ensemble as chief conductor; the ensemble also collaborates with several guest conductors such as Fredrik Malmberg, Peter Dijkstra, Paul Van Nevel and Marcus Creed.

  • Niels W. Gade

    Erlkönigs Tochter & Fünf Gesänge

  • Niels W. Gade

    Erlkönigs Tochter (Elverskud/ The Elf-King's Daughter)

  • Bent Sørensen


  • Carl Nielsen

    Carl Nielsen sung by the Danish National Choirs

  • Bent Sørensen

    Sounds Like You

  • Peter Heise

    Songs for Male Voices

  • Poul Schierbeck

    Fête galante

  • Per Nørgård


  • C.F.E. Horneman

    Orchestral Works

  • Vagn Holmboe, Peter Bruun, Per Nørgård, Bo Holten, Herman D. Koppel, Jørgen Jersild, Poul Ruders

    Hymn to the Sun - Works for a cappella choir

  • Rued Langgaard

    Music of the Spheres

  • Rued Langgaard

    The Symphonies

  • Per Nørgård

    Symphonies 3 and 7

  • Hanne Ørvad


  • Ib Nørholm

    Choral Works

  • Svend S. Schultz

    Yndigt dufter Danmark (The wonderful scent of Denmark)

  • F.L.Ae. Kunzen

    The Hallelujah of Creation

  • Bernhard Lewkovitch

    Vocal and Instrumental Works

  • Alessandro Orologio, Magnus Thomsen, Michael Prætorius, Bartholomæus Stockmann, Arnoldus de Fine, Valentin Hausmann, John Bull, Jan Tollius, William Brade, Thomas Simpson

    Royal Music