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Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

© Nikolaj Lund

The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1935. The orchestra’s repertoire ranges wide, from Baroque music to the very latest composition music. This amounts to some 30 concerts a year, as well as about 15 opera performances, 80 school concerts, chamber concerts and CD recordings. In 1992 the orchestra began recording Vagn Holmboe’s 13 symphonies with the Welsh conductor Owain Arwel Hughes. The most stimulating challenges for the orchestra have included the productions of Wagner operas begun by the Danish National Opera in Aarhus in 1983 with the staging of The Ring of the Nibelung; later this was followed by Tristan and Isolde and Parsifal. The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra has toured in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Greece and has played at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and the Edinburgh Festival. Worth singling out among the orchestra’s earlier principal conductors are Ole Schmidt ( 1978- 85), Norman Del Mar (1985-88), James Loughran (1996-2003) and the Italian conductor Giancarlo Andretta (2003-2012).


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