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Chamber Concertos Vol. 1

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Vagn Holmboe

Chamber Concertos Vol. 1

Anne Øland, Niels Thomsen, Eva Østergaard, Mikkel Futtrup, Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Hannu Koivula
The spirit of folk culture plays an important role in the music of Vagn Holmboe. As was the case with Béla Bartók, folkloristic studies have here contributed significantly to the compositional process. Holmboe is the most influential Danish composer of the generation after Carl Nielsen and his large output includes twelve symphonies, chamber concertos, and a long series of extremely fine string quartets.
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Chamber Concerto nr. 1 op. 17
1 I Molto moderato 22:16 19,20 kr.
2 II Molto allegro 6:53 9,60 kr.
Chamber Concerto no. 2 op. 20
3 I Allegro con brio 10:00 9,60 kr.
4 II Intermezzo I: Vivace 2:39 6,40 kr.
5 III Intermezzo II: Adagio 4:32 6,40 kr.
6 IV Finale: Allegro 4:49 6,40 kr.
Chamber Concerto no. 3 op. 21
7 I Allegro non troppo 10:33 12,80 kr.
8 II Allegro giocoso 6:10 9,60 kr.
Total runtime: 
68 min.
Release date: 
October 1996
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at the Danish Radio Studio 2, on 8-12 June and 4-7 September 1996

Recording producer: Peter Willemoës
Sound engineer: Peter Bo Nielsen
Project manager: Tatjana Kandel
Publishers: Edition Wilhelm Hansen, member of KODA, Denmark (Nos. 1 and 3), Edition Samfundet (No. 2)

Cover picture: Richard Mortensen: Komposition. Opus 14, no. 2" (1949)

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio"