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Hanne Budtz-Jørgensen

SCENATET – ensemble for music and art was founded by artistic director Anna Berit Asp Christensen in 2008 and moves in a cross-genre field of music, drama and happenings towards areas with yet undefined genres. The ensemble aims to create conceptual art works of high quality, where music is part of a larger whole.

SCENATET creates many types of productions; theatrical and artistically unique as well as more classic ones, including many new works in close collaboration with composers, directors, artists, filmmakers as well as festivals and art spaces.

SCENATET is a permanent constellation of 12 musicians and is recognized as one of the most innovative and experimental ensembles for music and art in Europe.

SCENATET is highly visible on the international art scene and has toured much of the world, often with world premieres at renowned venues. The ensemble’s concerts, however, may also be encountered in unexpected but yet familiar surroundings such as shopping malls, backyards and private homes.

The ensemble has performed at established festivals such as Ultima (NO), Transit (BE), November Musik (NL), Shanghai New Music Week (CHN), MaerzMusik (DE), Warszawa Autumn (PL), Bergen Festspillene (NO), SPOR (DK), Wundergrund (DK), Nordic Music Days (DK), Borealis
(NO), hcmf// (UK) and Heroines of Sound (DE).

SCENATET has represented Denmark in the European cultural project NewAud – New Music:
New Audiences.
  • Niels Rønsholdt

    Me Quitte

  • Jeppe Just Christensen

    Songs & Movements

  • Juliana Hodkinson, Niels Rønsholdt

    Fish & Fowl