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Jakob Davidsen

Jakob Davidsen © Gorm Valentin

Jakob Davidsen is wide-ranging as a musician and a composer. He came originally from the young Danish jazz environment of the 1990s, but early on defined himself as a composer and studied composition under such teachers as Bo Holten and Niels Marthinsen. He also has considerable experience as a church organist. If one listens to his recordings over the years, one will notice how the music shifts from a Nordic, jazz- and fusion-influenced type to an increasingly chamber-musical style, and at the same time how his mode of expression matures and becomes focused. Davidsen’s music displays supreme craftsmanship that always communicates precisely without any extremist forms of expression, yet always challengingly and with a wry, inquisitive view of existence. He is neither avant-garde nor a traditionalist, balancing on his tightropes of a stringent awareness of form, melodic humour and sensitivity.