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Christian Martínez

Henrik Stenberg

Christian Martínez began his musical studies in his home town of Cali in Colombia. Later he continued at the Manhattan School of Music in New York and at the Rogaland Music Academy in Stavanger, Norway. He completed his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1996; the same year as he became a member of the Esbjerg Ensemble

Christian Martínez has participated as a soloist and chamber musician at several festivals and concerts throughout Scandinavia, Europe, the USA, Latin America and Taiwan, most recently at the Nordic Music Days 2010, the Athelas New Music Festival in Copenhagen, 2011, the Percussion Plus Festival 2012 in Aarhus and the Kalliokuninkala Festival 2012 in Finland.

In 2010 Christian Martinez released his first solo CD, Rhythmical Séance, which included Per Nørgård’s I Ching and works by Ivar Frounberg and Ejnar Kanding. The collaboration with Per Nørgård has resulted in two new works featured on this CD: the concerto for percussion and ensemble Three Scenes and the solo work Arabesques I, II, III, written for and dedicated to Christian Martínez and the Esbjerg Ensemble.