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Morten S. Danielsen


Jens Bruno Hansen, Morten E. Nørskov, Eir Inderhaug, Hélène Navasse
Composer Morten Skovgaard Danielsen (1967-2009) died during the completion of the opera Donalds09. The story, for which the author Morten E. Nørskov has written texts, is just as hard to pin down as most other things in the composer's constantly boundary-challenging art. Three people, all called Donald, each with an individual personality - or one person with all three split personalities - live unresolved lives. They meet the waitress Dolly in a universe of soft porn, cocaine and the dead Kurt Cobain, with frequent visits from the world of literature in the figures of Hamlet, Odysseus and James Joyce.
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  • CD
    Jewel Case
    111,60 kr.
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    69,00 kr.
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    CD Quality
    79,00 kr.
"It surely should not be ignored by anyone who wants to embrace what is new ... It may be a milestone."
, Gapplegate Music Review
"Skiftevis rædselsfuldt, smukt, uudholdeligt og dragende trækkes lytteren gennem en oplevelse af de mere udfordrende."
Rune Engelbreth Larsen, Politiken
"El desafío a lo bien hecho y la casi desesperación que hay en esas grotescas rupturas nos mantiene atados."
David Cortés Santamarta, Ritmo
1 Act 1: I’m Dolly, I’ll wait on you tonight 1:41 8,00 kr.
2 Act 1: Coming right up at the greatest pace 1:18 8,00 kr.
3 Act 1: What an odd thing to say to me 5:08 12,00 kr.
4 Act 1: Five senses, three holes 1:47 8,00 kr.
5 Act 2: Someone me killed me last night 6:38 12,00 kr.
6 Act 2: Wo! man, woman 3:43 8,00 kr.
7 Act 2: We accept nothing 3:53 8,00 kr.
8 Act 2: You cannot be coy 3:19 8,00 kr.
9 Act 2: Intermezzo, a conversation 2:51 8,00 kr.
10 Act 2: This year I’m a stray black cat I 5:43 12,00 kr.
11 Act 2: This year I’m a stray black cat II 3:47 8,00 kr.
12 Act 3: Three and self absorbed like very few 3:54 8,00 kr.
13 Act 3: Even if the two of us 4:33 8,00 kr.
14 Act 3: We disappear like centuries, like doves 5:45 12,00 kr.
15 Act 3: Someone me killed me last night 5:26 12,00 kr.
16 Act 4: He is a war, it goes on endlessly 3:38 8,00 kr.
17 Act 4: He loved the soft porn of the city 7:05 12,00 kr.
18 Act 4: Finally we stand divided 4:12 8,00 kr.
Total runtime: 
74 min.
Release date: 
October 2010
Cat. No.: 
Jewel Case
Track count: