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Hélène Navasse


Hélène Navasse started her professional career as solo flute in the French new music ensemble Polychromie. Later she was associate principal flute at Aarhus Sympony Orchestra in Denmark from 1999 to 2005. Hélène Navasse holds master degrees from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Amsterdam Conservatorium and a bachelor degree from CRR Boulogne in France. She is prize-winner of several international competitions and an active international soloist and chamber musician with worldwide performances from USA to Japan and Iceland to Lebanon. Hélène Navasse has worked with notable European contemporary ensembles such as MusikFabrik, Schönberg Ensemble, Asko Ensemble, Klang Forum. She has performed as soloist with ensemble Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and contemporary music ensembles such as Caput, Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra, Århus Sinfonietta and Athelas Sinfonietta. Since 2016, Hélène Navasse is permanent member of Athelas Sinfonietta.

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