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Clarinet Trios

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Wayne Siegel
Karsten Fundal
Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen
Pierre Dørge

Clarinet Trios


That the clarinet trio is alive and well today as a genre is shown by the many very varied msuical works for clarinet, cello and piano written in recent years. In Denmark in particular many new compositions have been written for clarinet trio thanks to LINensemble, who has persistently commissioned and performed new works. The pieces recorded here are a small selection of what this instrument combination, with its rich potential, has inspired Danish composers to write.

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Sound Patterns (1987)
1 Sound Patterns (1987) 11:03 12,80 kr.
The Ways of Lightness and Falling (1991-92)
2 The Ways of Lightness and Falling (1991-92) 11:43 12,80 kr.
Fable (1990-91)
3 Fable (1990-91) 12:50 12,80 kr.
The Big Bird (1991)
4 Image I 3:03 6,40 kr.
5 Image II 7:01 9,60 kr.
6 Image III 4:20 6,40 kr.
Total runtime: 
50 min.
Release date: 
June 1999
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Århus, on 10-11 October 1998

Produced by LINensemble
Sound engineer: Claus Byrith

Cover painting: Else Fischer-Hansen: "Solstreif" (1974)

dacapo acknowledge, with gratitude, the financial support of KODA's Collective Blank Tape Remuneration