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Solar Trilogy

Poul Ruders

Solar Trilogy

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Michael Schønwandt

“A remarkable and magnificently recorded disc” Gramophone

“Nothing less than miraculous!” American Record Guide

The Danish composer Poul Ruders is one of the most distinctive voices in European music today. The style is extrovert and international, direct in its appeal and the inventiveness if the music is astonishing and full of passion. Apart from some orchestration lessons he is basically self-taught. The Solar Trilogy composed 1992 to 1995, is a huge symphonic triptych, depicting in music the life and behaviour of our nearest star: the Sun.

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    Jewel Case
    63,60 kr.


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Odense Symphony Orchestra. © Ulf Jeppesen
“All three works are stunning studies on orchestral sonorities. The orchestra playing is nothing less than miraculous!”
, American Record Guide
“For at least a decade and a half, some of the libeliest new music – most intensive, most free-spirited, least dogma-ridden – has been coming out of Denmark”
, BBC Music Magazine
“This is a remarkable and magnificently recorded disc”
, Gramophone
“Den hervorragenden musikalischen Eindruck dieser Einspielung unterstreicht auch die Tonqualität dieser CD, die als erstklassig bezeichnet werden muß”
, Moments Musicaux
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Solar Trilogy
1 Gong (1992): Throbbing - Dancing - Pulsating - Pounding - Blinding 18:58 16,00 kr.
2 Zenith (1992-93): Dawning 26:03 22,40 kr.
3 Corona (1993-95): Sizzling - Piercing - Sizzling - Majestic 21:09 19,20 kr.
Total runtime: 
66 min.
Release date: 
February 1997
Cat. No.: 
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded (live) at the Odense Concert Hall on 6-8 November 1996

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound engineer: Børge Knudsen
Editing engineer: Peter Bo Nielsen

Publisher: Wilhelm Hansen A/S

Cover picture: Kjeld Brandt Grafisk Tegnestue, Copenhagen

This recording is sponsored by KODA's Collective Blank Tape Remuneration and Danish Composers' Society/KODA's Funds for Social and Cultural Purposes

This recording is made in cooperation with Danmarks Radio