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Symphony No. 1

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Ludolf Nielsen

Symphony No. 1

South Jutland Symphony Orchestra, Frank Cramer
Ludolf Nielsen has a special talent for orchestral writing, and this record rediscovers two surprising works: the First Symphony, which was his first major work, and From the Mountains, a colourful and inventive symphonic suite. Ludolf Nielsen's works blended many ne ideoms of music from abroad with Nordic traditions. The rediscovery of his music sheds new light on the Danish music culture of the turn of the 19th Century.
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Symphony no. 1 in B minor op. 3 (1902-03)
1 I Andante Lento - Allegro energico 14:43 12,80 kr.
2 II Andante mesto 12:32 12,80 kr.
3 III Allegro pastorale 7:17 9,60 kr.
4 IV Finale: Allegro con brio 9:02 9,60 kr.
From the Mountains op. 8, (1903-05), Symphonic Suite
5 I The Castle Ruin 6:21 9,60 kr.
6 II The Shepherd 5:30 9,60 kr.
7 III The Mountain Chapel 7:25 9,60 kr.
8 IV Folk Life in the Valley 8:31 9,60 kr.
Total runtime: 
71 min.
Release date: 
October 1998
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at Frihedshallen, Idrætshøjskolen i Sønderborg, on 11-15 August 1997 and 6-7 May 1998

Recording producer: Lars Søgaard
Sound engineer: Clemens Johansen

Cover painting: Theodor Philipsen: En vej i Dyrehaven" (1889)

Recording kindly sponsored by Familien Hede Nielsens Fond, Beckett Fonden and Den Danske Frimurerorden

This recording has been made in cooperation with Danmarks Radio"