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Into the Black

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    Jewel Case
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Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Into the Black

Danish Chamber Players, Henrik Vagn Christensen
Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen has had all-round training in musicology, organ and composition with teachers like Finn Viderø, Ib Nørholm and Karl Aage Rasmussen. In recent years he has been making his mark ever more convincingly as one of the most significant composers of his generation. Over the 15 years or so he has been composing, his oeuvre has grown to some fifty works in most genres - in the past few years, with a clear emphasis on chamber music.
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Flower Fall (1993)
1 Flower Fall (1993) 12:15 12,80 kr.
Into the Black (1994)
2 Into the Black (1994) 9:57 9,60 kr.
Serenade (1990-91)
3 I Blandt skygger (Among shadows) 4:22 6,40 kr.
4 II Gennem dans (Through Dance) 3:51 6,40 kr.
5 III Til afsked (In parting) 4:25 6,40 kr.
White Light (1994)
6 White Light (1994) 6:25 9,60 kr.
Crossing Styx (1995)
7 Crossing Styx (1995) 21:38 19,20 kr.
Total runtime: 
63 min.
Release date: 
December 1997
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at the Radio House, Studio 2, on 30-31 January and 21 February 1997

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound engineer: Peter Bo Nielsen
Editing engineers: Peter Bo Nielsen and Henrik Sleiborg
Publishers: Edition Wilhelm Hansen A/S

Cover painting: Composition" by Jens Birkemose (1984-87)

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with the Danmarks Radio"