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ILT (Oxygen)

Louise Alenius

ILT (Oxygen)

Sofie Elkjær Jensen, Elisabeth Jansson, Morten Grove Frandsen, Jacob Skov Andersen, Frederik Päevatalu Rolin

Louise Alenius' five-part choral work ILT is a preview of her upcoming opera, which will premiere at the Royal Danish Opera in the spring of 2022. ILT is also the soundtrack to the lighting installation THE WAVE, which can be experienced at Ofelia Square in Copenhagen until March 31. THE WAVE illustrates a gigantic trachea and the body's desire for oxygen, and as the audience moves from one end to the other through the work, you also experience five classical vocal groups replacing each other. Like organs screaming for oxygen.

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Die fünf auftretenden einzelnen und miteinander abwechselnden Vokalstimmen repräsentieren gleichermaßen Organe, die nach Sauerstoff rufen; der Bezug zur Gegenwart ist dabei durchaus alarmierend und provozierend gemeint
Hanns-Peter Mederer , Amusio
Nominated for the P2 Music Award 2021
Total runtime: 
9 min.

Video: Vertigo

Like organs screaming for oxygen
A spectacular sensory experience of light, colours and newly composed music awaits the audience as the sound and light installation THE WAVE resurfaces at Ofelia Square. This time, THE WAVE illuminates a gigantic trachea where the body's organs scream for oxygen. The experience is also a taste of a brand new opera by Louise Alenius.
On January 31, 2020, the sound and light sculpture THE WAVE returned to Ofelia Square at the Skuespilhuset, illuminating the winter darkness with its characteristic triangular gates of light. The 80-meter long sculpture invites the audience on a journey through the human trachea.
In the new version, the artist collective Vertigo has created a whole new light side, while composer Louise Alenius has created the new sound side. It happens with choral music in the form of the work ILT, which is a preview of her upcoming opera (without final title), which premiered at the Opera in the spring of 2022.
ILT is for five votes. It illuminates a gigantic trachea and the body's desire for oxygen when played through the speakers in THE WAVE's 40 light ports. Moving as an audience from one end to the other through the work, you also experience five of the opera's classical vocal groups (soprano, alto, countertenor, tenor, and bass) replacing each other. The voice groups represent organs screaming for oxygen.
The initiative for the project was taken by Jeudan and the Royal Danish Theater, which together stand behind Ofelia Square.
Where: Ofelia Plads, Kvästhusbroen, Copenhagen K.
When: February 1 to March 31, 2020, 6 am-4pm.
Release date: 
February 2020
Cat. No.: 
Digital album
Track count: 


Recorded in 2019

Recording Producer: Louise Alenius
Engineering: Louise Alenius
Editing, mix and mastering: Louise Alenius

℗ & © 2020 Dacapo Records, Copenhagen

ILT blev oprindelig skabt for Det Kongelige Teater og anvendt som lydside til lyd- og lysinstallationen THE WAVE på Ofelia Plads i København i 2020. Komponist på ILT er Louise Alenius, og sangere er operasangere fra Den Kongelige Opera:
Sofie Elkjær Jensen
Elisabeth Jansson 
Morten Grove Frandsen
Jacob Skov Andersen
Frederik Päevatalu Rolin

I samarbejde med Edition Wilhelm Hansen, the Royal Danish Opera, Jeudan, and Vertigo