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    Stille slag

    What happens to your body when you are locked up? How do you cope with life in a closed world? Louise Alenius' Stille slag (Quiet Beats) for various instruments and seven voices takes you on a thought-provoking journey into the intense feelings and mental challenges that come with isolation. The album's lyrics and music are based on interviews with former inmates in Danish prisons, focusing on the psychological and emotional challenges of being locked up – a piercingly beautiful and poignant listening experience.

    Louise Alenius
    Stille slag
    1 Syv kvadratmeter 5:52
    2 Tiden 7:59
    3 Smerten bor i knoglerne 3:39
    4 Flækket, flænset, kvast 2:48
    5 Du lærer dig selv at kende 4:17
    6 Mærker intet 4:38
    7 En røgsky 3:04
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