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    music is not always participatory

    Just after the world ground to a halt due to the coronavirus, James Black [they/them] found themselves in receipt of a large working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. They had the means to compose, and the lockdown would give them a motive for the specific project they set their mind to. This recording is what they produced – an album bound by restriction and that flirts with failure, but delivers powerfully on the fundamentals of art and expression.

    James Black
    I think you're really cool
    1 I think you're really cool 4:32
    James Black
    2 SHEL 5:42
    James Black
    Baby's teeth
    3 Baby's teeth 5:50
    James Black
    You win
    4 You win 0:59
    James Black
    Angel's Music
    5 Angel's Music 3:30
    James Black
    Music for use
    6 Music for use 8:07
    James Black
    Folk Music
    7 Folk Music 3:47
    James Black
    You lose
    8 You lose 0:42
    James Black
    9 Antifleur 11:39
    James Black
    The Future of Classical Music (Award Winning Performance)
    10 The Future of Classical Music (Award Winning Performance) 7:17
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