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Two new releases on the occassion of the 100th anniversary of the re-unification

Alfred V. Jensen (1891-1981): Christian X til hest ved Genforeningen 1920. © Museum Sønderjylland

Two new releases on the occassion of the 100th anniversary of the re-unification

This year it is 100 years since Southern Jutland was reunited with Denmark. This is marked by two new releases: The first recording of Carl Nielsen's The Mother and Songs from the Borderland sung by Musica Ficta. Both can be purchased in Dacapo's web shop from today.

New release
15 June 2020

On 15 June 1920 – exactly 100 years ago – Southern Jutland (Nordschleswig) came under Danish instead of German control. This centenary is being celebrated throughout 2020, and on Danish TV DR1 it has been possible to follow this transition in the Borderland series, with the reunion itself being marked by a direct TV transmission from Dybbøl Banke.

Dacapo is marking the reunion centenary with two releases: Carl Nielsen’s music for the play The Mother, which was written for the reunion in 1920; and the story of the borderland told in song by vocal ensemble Musica Ficta and its conductor, Bo Holten.

The releases will be available on all streaming platforms on 10 July, but can already be purchased from today in CD form and be downloaded from Dacapo’s webshop.

Complete recording of Carl Nielsen’s The Mother for the first time

Denmark’s reunion with Southern Jutland was one of the most important events in Denmark in the 20th century and it was naturally celebrated in every conceivable way. At The Royal Theatre it was decided to give a gala performance. The best possible figures were to be employed: The stylish poet Helge Rode (1870-1937) wrote the words, and Carl Nielsen, who had established himself as Denmark’s leading composer, was to write the music.

One of Carl Nielsen’s most popular compositions, the idyllic flute piece The Mist is Rising, comes from the play The Mother. But what The Mother actually is is not as well known, one of the reasons for this being that the entire score for the piece first appeared in print in 2007 and has never been recorded in its
entirety. This recording places the music in its right context for the first time, thus providing us with a new picture of Carl Nielsen as a composer for the theatre.

In the play the king’s bard is to attempt to find the Danes with which the country’s future can be built. His great belief in the country and its people is expression in the declaration of love to the strong and beautiful Danish woman My Sweet Girl is as Amber bright. The recurring song in The Mother is the proud, hymn-like Like a fleet that tugs at anchor, which describes Denmark’s many islands as a fleet of ships ready to sail out into the world, with history as its ballast.

The Mother unites Carl Nielsen’s national interest, popular song and the cooperation with The Danish Theatre, where Nielsen himself began his career as a violinist and later became kapellmeister.

The recording features the tenor Adam Riis, the baritone Palle Knudsen, DR Vokalensemblet, Odense Symphony Orchestra and Filharmonisk kor, conducted by Andreas Delfs.

The history of the Borderland, told in song

The vocal ensemble Musica Ficta, conducted by Bo Holten, presents on the album Songs from the Borderland a collection of the most important songs linked to the borderland between Denmark and Germany, from the most popular song of the 19th century The time when I set out to Bo Gunge and Pia Juul’s newly composed songs, written to mark the centenary of the reunion in 2020.

The songs have played an important role in the borderland, in times of both war and peace. They have function as both a celebration of triumphs, a way of dealing with grief, as a political and cultural focal point and as historical commemorations, which all combine to create a nuanced picture of the area, one where Danish and German culture have lived side by side ever since the Middle Ages. The history of the Borderland can thus be told in song, and this will take place on the new issue by Musica Ficta and Bo Holten.

  • Carl Nielsen

    The Mother, Op. 41 – A Play in a Prologue and Seven Scenes

  • J.P.E. Hartmann, Carl Nielsen, Thomas Laub, Thorvald Aagaard, Poul Schierbeck, Peter Heise, Bo Holten, Oluf Ring, Harald Balslev, Bo Gunge, Marianne Søgaard, Ernst A. Kiørboe, N.K. Madsen-Stensgaard, Haakon Elmer, Henrik Rung, Emil Hornemann

    Songs from the Borderland