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Music for children – new releases and great discounts

Music for children – new releases and great discounts

This month Dacapo has added two new releases to our collection of releases with music written for or communicated to children. Right now you get a 20% discount on three children's releases.

11 April 2019

Dacapo’s wish is to communicate Danish classical and new music, so that also the next generation of listeners, musicians and composers can experience the relevance of music and the richness it provides.

For that reason, Dacapo regularly releases music that is geared to suit children and young people, and this month Siobhan Lamb's musical interpretation of H.C. Andersen's story The Red Shoes as well as The Danish National Choir School's collection of 15 Danish children's songs are released. Besides these two, Dacapo has released three albums for children - all three are at a 20% discount right now.

Read about all Dacapo's releases for children below:

The Picture Book – and other piano pieces for children

Billedbogen (The Picture Book) is the name of a small collection of music by Fini Henriques that was found in every home with a piano at the time of our grandparents and great-grandparents. On this album, one of Denmark’s most gifted pianists, Marie Rørbech, has brushed the dust off the old musical picture book and recorded the music on a CD, making it sound like a complete fairytale. To listen to piano music does not require you to have come from a home with a piano. It can simply be sheer pleasure. With The Picture Book on a CD we have acquired a number of the loveliest-sounding piano gems for children in new, charming packaging. It is music written for children, just right for playing, drawing or just listening to.

Clatter & Venom – Classical music stories for children

The CD Skrammel & Tis (Clatter & Venom) is the result of a wish to present the finest of what new, classical symphonic music can offer children and their parents. In three works by Karl Aage Rasmussen, Andy Pape and Anders Koppel, you meet fairytale adventures, elephants, venomous ants, strange, clattering instruments and imaginative, magnificent symphonic music – played by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and the percussion ensemble and narrated by the singer Jesper Brun Jensen and DR’s popular Carl Quist-Møller, known for his quirky illustrations and incredible tall stories.

Imagination run riot – musical stories for children

‘Just listen, something magic’s about to happen.’ With the release Vildtvoksende fantasier  (Imagination run riot)the musician and author Kristian Leth has written thirteen stories for all children with a love of adventure. Each story is combined with a specially chosen piece of music designed to quicken the imagination of curious listeners of all ages. Read the musical stories with your child and set out together on a wonderful journey into music, sounds and words.

The Red Shoes – music based on H.C. Andersen's story

She danced and couldn’t stop dancing, danced into the dark night.” Red is a colour with many meanings. It is the colour of blood, the colour of danger, the colour of temptation, passion and love. Hans Christian Andersen took the symbolism to a new extreme of cruelty in The Red Shoes – an ancient folk tale here given a modern musical reworking by Danish resident Siobhan Lamb and the Suoni Ensemble.

The Children’s Treasury of Song – 15 Danish children's songs

Buster, Jens Roadman, Chewing Gum King Bubble, The Elephant’s Lullaby... The Danish National Choir School’s new album Børnenes Sangskat (The Children’s Treasury of Song) is a collection of 15 of the best-known Danish children’s songs in new arrangements. The idea is also for families at home to join in, and in the accompanying CD booklet you will find all the song lyrics (in Danish), which are illustrated with colourful drawings.

  • Nanna, Gunnar Nyborg-Jensen, Henning Hansen, Benny E. Andersen, Sebastian, Jan Rørdam, Poul Schierbeck, Thorbjørn Egner, Carl Nielsen, Knud Vad Thomsen, Mogens Jermiin Nissen, Vagn Skovlund

    The Children’s Treasury of Song

  • Siobhan Lamb

    The Red Shoes

  • Poul Ruders, Per Nørgård, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Rued Langgaard, Vagn Holmboe

    Vildtvoksende fantasier (Imagination run riot)

  • Anders Koppel, Andy Pape, Karl Aage Rasmussen

    Clatter & Venom – Classical music stories for children

  • Carl Nielsen, Louis Glass, Fini Henriques, Knudåge Riisager, Svend Erik Tarp

    Billedbogen (The Picture Book)