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Mads Emil Dreyer unfolds atmospheric, frosty landscapes from electronics and acoustic instruments

Mads Emil Dreyer unfolds atmospheric, frosty landscapes from electronics and acoustic instruments

Dacapo Records is looking forward to presenting an innovative voice in Danish music, when composer Mads Emil Dreyer is releasing his debut album Disappearer on 2 February.

New release
22 January 2024

Composer Mads Emil Dreyer is as interested in knobs and buttons as violins and flutes, and he often creates a dialogue between electronic and acoustic entities.

We're looking forward to releasing Mads Emil Dreyer's debut album Disappearer, recorded by the ensemble NEKO3 (Fei Nie, Kalle Hakosalo and Lorenzo Colombo), flutist Lauren Wuerth and Dreyer himself. Disappearer will be released as a digital album on 2 February and as a limited edition vinyl. Pre-save the album here and listen to the single Forsvindere 2 here while you read.

Acoustic sound interlaced with electronis

Mads Emil Dreyer (b. 1986) studied composition at advanced postgraduate level at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Hans Abrahamsen, Bent Sørensen and Niels Rosing-Schow among others. 

The four works on the new album are all composed after Dreyer's typical principles of combining acoustic instruments with live electronic. The electronic consists of short snippes of the instruments, which are sampled live in the performance and then looped and projected back through the speakers, so the acoustic and electronic sounds blend together.

It is important to Dreyer that these are all live recordings: ‘It’s music that, for me, thrives best within a concert hall, capturing the ambiance that I’ve been interested in preserving’, he says. ‘Not the polished studio recording with flawless performances from the musicians and perfectly calibrated electronics, but rather the live performance situation with all the minor irregularities that naturally come with it.’ 

Atmospheric slowness

Disappearer presents a total of four works:two titled Forsvindere, two titled Vidder. The opening work Forsvindere 2 begins like a fairy tale with a nursery rhyme-like quality, thanks to the gently chiming sound of the celesta and the steady, simple pulse of the vibraphone. But it is also frozen music, glistening and thawing slowly under a cool winter sun. Last week, a radio edit of the work was released as a single.

Vidder 1 applies layers of breathy bass flute tones to create a ghostly wall.  Forsvindere 1 adds a hesitancy to the chiming of glockenspiel, crotales, vibraphone and celesta, through phrases that wind down and restart with each new layer. Most striking of all, Vidder 4 applies electronic glissandi to its loops of organ and harmonium tones.

The works make use of simple, transparent effects, resulting in an atmospheric and at times trance-inducing music. "I hope that listeners will give themselves time to sink into the slowness and focus that characterizes the works. It's music that often doesn't use large gestures, but it's music that tries to speak to the attentive ear, while also communicating on a more sensual level," says Dreyer.

Release concert

The release is celebrated at a concert in Koncertkirken, Copenhagen on 6 February at 19.30. Come an listen to an innovative new voice in Danish music, when NEKO3 and flutist Michaela Hansen together with Dreyer himself performs the four works of the album. Free admission.

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