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Festive orchestral music by the big band icon Ib Glindemann

Odense Symphony Orchestra

Festive orchestral music by the big band icon Ib Glindemann

On 22 October a new album will be released, presenting for the first time a fully classical programme by the Danish big band leader and jazz composer Ib Glindemann.

New release
11 October 2021

Ib Glindemann (1937-2019) was without doubt one of the most important figures in Denmark's ­big-band and jazz world from the 1950s onward. But the famous orchestral leader and composer also had a less known classical side and an ambition to also be a 'serious' composer.

Dacapo Records is now presenting a new album with a fully classical Glindemann programme, recorded by Odense Symphony Orchestra, trumpetist Per Morten Bye and trombonist Robert Holmsted, conducted by Giordano Bellincampi. On the album Concertos one can experience Glindemann's flair for writing happy, undemanding, festive and effective music.

Medley of film music

Ib Glindemann explored a wide range of musical genres and styles and composed both big band jazz, ‘functional’ background music, theatre and ballet music as well as film music. Last-mentioned can be heard on the new album in the world premiere recording of Glindemann's Medley, in which arranger Wolfgang Käfer have gathered four short pieces, linked together and prefaced by an introduction gathered four pieces into a suite. The pieces have titles such as Strøget (the main shopping street in Copenhagen) and The Little Mermaid, and are thereby drawing a sketch of an ordinary day in Copenhagen.

The album also presents to instrumental concertos by Glindemann: his acknowledged and frequently performed Trumpet Concerto from 1962 and the world premiere recording of his Trombone Concerto from 2017, written in collaboration with and for Odense Symphony Orchestra and solist Robert Holmsted.

Listen to a pre-taste

Before the releasedate, you can listen to a pre-taste of Glindemann's bubbly, musical universe. You can already now listen to the beautifully lyrical second movement from the Trumpet Concerto exclusively here on Apple Music and on Friday 15 October, Glindemann's Medley will be released on Apple Music too. 

You can also pre-save the album to your preferred streaming service here and have it added automatically to your library on the release date, and in the video below, another small pre-taste of the upcoming album is presented.

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