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Else Marie Pade on PULSAR Festival

Else Marie Pade © Lisbeth Damgaard

Else Marie Pade on PULSAR Festival

The upcoming PULSAR Festival taking place 6-14 March at The Royal Danish Academy of Music is a great opportunity to get an insight into some of the many genres in Else Marie Pade's oeuvre.

05 March 2019

Danish composer Else Marie Pade (1924-2016) was one of the pioneers of electronic music in Denmark. From the beginning of the 1950s, she, in close co-operation with technicians and assistants on Radio Denmark, produced a substantial amount of concrete and electronic music, partly in the shape of independent works for radio broadcasts, partly in the shape of accompaniments to various radio dramas.

Throughout her career, Else Marie Pade was not represented by a music publisher, but now all of her works are being compiled at Edition·S. Late in her life she was recognised as a pioneer in the field of electronic music, but an examination of her oeuvre shows that she was much more than that.

Three of her works will be performed at the PULSAR Festival: Afsnit I-II-III for solo violin and tape, Sept pièces en couleurs II + III  - a suite for chamber orchestra and Maria a piece involving no less than seven trombones, sprechgesang, tape and soprano.

View the full programme for PULSAR here.

New book about Pade to be published

PULSAR also celebrates the publication of a new book about Else Marie Pade.

The book Else Marie Pade is written by musician, ph.d. and associate professor Henrik Marstal and will be published on 11 March by Multivers. The book, which is in Danish, will be celebrated at a reception on that same night. The reception will take place in Studiefoyeren between two concerts at PULSAR.

Dacapo has released four albums with Else Marie Pade's music.
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