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August Enna's 'Kleopatra' nominated for the 'German Record Critics’ Award'

© Kåre Viemose

August Enna's 'Kleopatra' nominated for the 'German Record Critics’ Award'

In October 2020 the world premiere recording of August Enna's opera Kleopatra from 1894 was released. The album has just been nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award in the opera category.

02 February 2021

In the 1890s, August Enna was Denmark's most famous composer of operas on the international scene. His stirring opera Kleopatra about the murderous plot against the fabled Queen of the Nile was a great succes in Denmark and abroad, but after the last performance in 1897, both Kleopatra and Enna's other works have been more or less forgotten.

In 2019, the German director of the Danish National Opera Philipp Kochheim put Kleopatra on the repertoire for the first time in the composer's home country in 122 years. The production was given a positive reception and in October 2020 the world premiere recording of the opera was released on Dacapo, recorded by the Danish National Opera, Odense Symphony Orchestra and conductor Joachim Gustafsson.

Kleopatra has just been nominated for the German Record Critics' Award in the category for best operas. The jury of the Quarterly Critic's Choice, consisting of critics and journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, nominates the best and most interesting new releases of the previous three months in 32 different categories. The winners will be published on the 15th of February.

Stream the album here.

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