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Rolf Hind

Johnny Greig

Rolf Hind, British pianist and composer, has worked extensively with a huge range of composers from John Adams to Helmut Lachenmann, played more than a hundred premieres and appeared at the Sydney Opera House and the BBC Proms seven times. As a composer, he has written concertos for the BBC Symphony and Scottish orchestras and been played widely throughout Europe. He teaches piano and composition and is a Research Associate at the Guildhall School in London.

  • Karsten Fundal

    Ekkozone performs Karsten Fundal

  • Bent Sørensen

    La Notte

  • Anders Brødsgaard

    In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

  • Per Nørgård, Rolf Hind

    Secret Melodies

  • Poul Ruders

    Piano Works

  • Poul Ruders

    Symphony No. 2