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Niels Marthinsen

Nina Strand

Niels Marthinsen (b. 1963) made his of?cial début in 1993, but by the middle of the 1980s he was already a busy composer. He studied music at the Royal Academy of Music, Århus from 1982-90 with among other Poul Ruders and Per Nørgård.

Marthinsen has received several scholarships and grants and outstanding ensembles and orchestras both in Denmark and abroad have performed his music. An amazingly long string of works has come from Marthinsen’s pen. They are written in well nigh all sizes and genres and they are often extremely demanding technically. In the worklist we ?nd four solo concertos, three operas, a symphony (in two versions) and many works for sinfonietta or chamber ensemble, often with virtuoso features.