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Michael Bojesen

Søren Solkjær

Michael Bojesen is a versatile artist as both composer, conductor and music pedagogue. In the course of his career he has established a fine reputation for himself as a striking profile in the Danish music scene, especially as conductor. For a decade Michael Bojesen was chief conductor for the Danish National Girls Choir. Bojesen has worked closely with the DR Big Band, the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Danish regional orchestras. From 1989 to 2006 he conducted The Copenhagen Chamber Choir Camerata with which he recorded numerous CDs, received many international awards and won a Danish Grammy for Best Classical Recording in 1998. Since September 2012 Michael Bojesen has been director of Copenhagen Opera Festival. Furthermore he was senior lecturer at Sankt Annæ Gymnaisum, associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the driving force behind the DR Choir School and co-editor of the 18th edition of the Folk High School Songbook. His involvement in singing led to a nationwide initiative ‘The Year of Singing’ in 2008, the same year when he was awarded “Den folkelige sangs pris”.

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