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Messer Quartet

The Messer Quartet is the first ever and only electric string quartet in Denmark. The Messer Quartet utilizes the fantastic opportunities of amplification to play the works of composers such as Michael Daugherty and George Crumb. We also work with young composers who want to go beyond the conventional string quartet and explore a new sound which is tuned to the world we live in today. It is our ambition to reach a wide audience with the ambition to hear the future sound of music.

We play on handmade electric instruments built by John Jordan - one of the leading electric instrument builders in the world. The StringAmp pickup system was developed by Michael Edinger. The instruments are expanding the ability to manipulate the sound in infinite ways - and we have only just begun.

Our repertoire spans the arch from Led Zeppelin, Aphex Twin to Arvo Pärt - from bubbly humor and television series like SOAP to the Vietnam war and George Crumb - and transgresses all genres. The acoustic and electric, the banal and the brutal, tonal beauty and rawness fuse into a music that dances on the knive’s edge and goes straight for the heart.

  • Mogens Christensen

    Busy Bees and Birds