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Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester


Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester belongs to the elite of Danish orchestras that explore the borderland between improvisation and composition. The orchestra was formed in 2010 by the Danish piano player and composer Jakob Davidsen, who since the 1990s – persistently and challengingly – has shifted music away from conventional paths and shown himself to be one of the true original figures of crossover music in Denmark. Since then, Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester has given concerts both at home and abroad, and in 2012 it received a Danish Music Award Jazz’s ‘Special Release of the Year’. Furthermore, the orchestra was awarded a prize by Danish Arts Foundation in 2013 for the innovative art project Lend Art Your Ear, which includes compositions particularly focusing on works by Danish painters from the 20th century exhibited at SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), the Willumsen Museum and Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg. The ensemble has worked together with musicians such as the Russian horn virtuoso Arkady Shilkloper, the French percussionist and composer François Merville, the American percussionist and musical thinker Adam Rudolph – and in recent years the Kammerat Orkester has collaborated closely with the FIGURA Ensemble.

  • Jakob Davidsen