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Gunner Møller Pedersen

Gunner Møller Pedersen was born in Århus on February 5th 1943, Denmark, was educated at the Royal Danish Music Academy, Århus, and has also studied in London with Cornelius Cardew. He was been active as a composer since 1966, when he wrote his first symphony. In 1970, he establised his own studio for film score composition and spatial electronic music, the Octopus Studio in Copenhagen. Since 1972, Gunner Møller Pedersen has held concerts of electronic music in the Winter Garden at the Ny Carlsberg Glypyotek in Copenhagen, "Musikzag" in 1972 and "Live Electronic Octophonic Panopticoncert" in 1974. In 1976, he founded the concert institution "Electronic Music in the Winter Garden", as well as the Danish Electronic Music Society. In 1982, Gunner Møller Pedersen moved to Lolland (Denmark), where he founded the Centre for Spatial Electronic Music "SEM" in the village of Løjtofte near Nakskov. This countryside residence is the base for Gunner Møller Pedersen's activities as a composer, and as a touring artist he presents concerts of spatial music in various venues in many countries. With the completion of his major cyclical work A Sound Year - 12 mounths in electronic music (1977-82), Gunner Møller Pedersen has established his reputation as one of Europe's leading composers of electronic music. Other outstanding works are As Fire and Water (1986) and Lamentation de Moruroa for soprano, choir and 4-channel tape (1989). The most famous among Gunner Møller Pedersen's film scores is Jørgen Leth's "A Spring Day in Hell" (1976) about the French bicycle race Paris-Roubaix.
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    A Sound Year