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Flemish Radio Choir

The Flemish Radio Choir was founded in 1937. Today, the Flemish Radio Choir has grown into an exceptionally high-quality ensemble that is attracting attention both at home and abroad. The 24 singers rehearse and frequently perform in Studio 1 of the celebrated Flagey building in Brussels.

In the years 2008-10 the Danish conductor and composer Bo Holten was the chief conductor of the Flemish Radio Choir. Since 2011 the choir has been under the leadership of Hervé Niquet. This brilliant, world-renowned conductor has, after years of guest appearances with the Flemish Radio Choir, become its chief conductor. Niquet, who refers to the choir as a diamond and ranks it among the top 3 in Europe, intends to continue developing its unmistakable sound and is planning a wide range of projects, from little-known French music to premières of contemporary works.

An important pillar of the programming of the Flemish Radio Choir consists of the a capella repertoire that the choir takes on tour throughout Flanders around six times a year. The concerts are organised around carefully selected themes and filled with both forgotten gems and great classics from the entire chamber choir repertoire.

The Flemish Radio Choir also collaborates frequently on specific projects with renowned instrumental ensembles from both Belgium and abroad, such as the Brussels Philharmonic, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, the Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest, Sinfonia Warsowia and Le Concert Spirituel.

The Flemish Radio Choir retains its unique status as a radio choir. Nearly all of its concerts are recorded by the Flemish classical music radio station, Klara, and hence the choir has built up a unique collection of recordings, including works by Flemish composers.

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