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Finn Savery

Finn Savery became famous as a composer of musicals, in particular Teenagerlove (1962), but before that he was already a well known name as a composing and performing jazz musician. Many of his compositions combine jazz improvisation and written music, but the through-composed works and in particular the chamber music are the most concentrated expression of his artistic personality, flexibility and humour as well as his artistic ingenuity and lyrical sensitivity. After training in piano and studying composition with Niels Viggo Bentzon at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1953-60, Savery attended courses in Darmstadt, New York and Boston. He was one of the first of his generation to work with twelve-tone composition and serial music; the work Sections I-II from 1966 is inspired by and written for flute, viola, guitar, marimba, vibraphone – the same ensemble as Pierre Boulez’ famous Le marteau sans maître. Among other roles, Savery has been a member of the board of the Danish Composers’ Society and the Music Committee of the Danish Arts Foundation, and has received the lifelong artist’s grant of the Danish State.
  • Finn Savery

    Chamber Music