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Thomas Muus

Ekkozone was formed in 2013 and quickly became a household name at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Ekkozone stands for classical avant-garde, minimalism and cross-over, consisting of Scandinavian and British musicians in various formations, led by percussionist and conductor Mathias Reumert. Enjoying a special connection with the music of Steve Reich, Ekkozone has performed Music for 18 Musicians several times, e.g. in 2013 at Northern Europe’s largest music event, Roskilde Festival. Ekkozone’s previous recordings for Dacapo Records feature the music of Danish composers Karsten Fundal on ‘Ekkozone performs Karsten Fundal’ and Axel Borup- Jørgensen, ‘Axel Borup-Jørgensen: Viola Works’.

  • Anders Monrad, SUPERFLEX, Nikolaj Heltoft

    The Mærsk Opera (LP)

  • Peter Navarro-Alonso

    Le Quattro Stagioni

  • Axel Borup-Jørgensen

    Viola Works

  • Karsten Fundal

    Ekkozone performs Karsten Fundal