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Damkapellet (2022) © Hipermania

Damkapellet is a music collective formed in 2016 to bring diversity to the Danish music scene by highlighting and performing music by artists who define themselves as women, non-binary or transgender. The collective debuted on 8 March the same year at KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, celebrating International Women’s Day.

As an ensemble, Damkapellet embraces large parts of art music, from newly composed music and improvisation to opera, Baroque, children’s performances, and performance art.

Since its foundation, the members of Damkapellet have been lecturing about female composers and gender structures, and performing regularly at festivals and in projects like Klang Festival, Ung Nordisk Musik Festival, Gong Festival, Talk Town Festival, Københavns Musikteater, Kvindemusikfestivalen, children’s concerts in Denmark and Russia as well as organising their own festivals and events.

Damkapellet have collaborated with composers and ensembles such as Lo Kristenson, Greta Eacott, Guusje Ingen Housz, Konstmusiksystrar, Alina Petrova, Kvinnoorkestern, Den Andra Operan, Julija Morgan, Kirstine Lindemann, and Randi Pontoppidan. In 2020, Damkapellet entered a one-year residency at KoncertKirken, where the collective held a series of concerts, arranged festivals and the conversation-based event, Another Composer Coffee.

Damkapellet’s members represent many different interests, which have naturally shaped the collective to include various projects, performances and ensembles over time. Some members are interested in old music, some in new, and some make their own. Improvisation has also become a natural part of the process since, in improvisation, nothing but your own limits stop you from creating.

Today, Damkapellet consists of 15 members from Copenhagen, Malmö, and Oslo.

  • Lo Kristenson, Kirstine Lindemann, Greta Eacott, Randi Pontoppidan

    Demiurge – Special Edition (LP)

  • Lo Kristenson, Randi Pontoppidan, Kirstine Lindemann, Greta Eacott