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Christian Lindberg

Mats Bäcker

Christian Lindberg was a late starter as a conductor. His original intention was to avoid becoming one, but in October 2000 he finally stood for the first time in front of an orchestra, the Northern Sinfonia. Today he holds the position as chief conductor of the Nordic Sinfonia and the Nordic Chamber Orchestra. In an astonishingly short time, alongside his activities as a soloist and composer, Lindberg has already conducted orchestras such as Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, the Umeå Symphony Orchestra, Jönköping Sinfonietta, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, the Helsinki Philharmonic, Jenaer Philharmonie, the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Rheinische Philharmonie. Lindberg has extended his contract with both his orchestras. An incomparable virtuoso of the trombone, Christian Lindberg appears with orchestras all over the world with his charismatic performances of a wide repertoire ranging from the classics to adventurous contemporary works.

  • Niels Marthinsen

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