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Carl Nielsen Kvintetten

Wind Quintet
Carl Nielsen Kvintetten © Rasmus Kongsgaard

The Carl Nielsen Quintet was formed in 2006 and has since given countless concerts both at home and abroad. All the members of The Carl Nielsen Quintet studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Today the members of the quintet have positions in Danish and Swedish symphony orchestras alongside their career in The Carl Nielsen Quintet. The quintet consists of solo flautist in Malmö Opera Orchestra, Kenny Staškus Larsen; contract employed solo oboist in the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Carl Julius Lefebvre Hansen; solo clarinettist in Copenhagen Phil, August Finkas; hornist in Copenhagen Phil, Christian Vinther and alternating solo bassoonist in the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Johannes Herjö. In 2014, the quintet won the 2nd prize at the national Danish radio P2’s Chamber Music Competition. The following year they won the 1st prize and the prize for best performance of Carl Nielsen’s Wind Quintet at the Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition.

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