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Behind the artist name Annekei is the Danish singer and songwriter, Anne Kraglund. She grew up south of Aarhus and moved to New York in 2002, where she lived for 11 years and made a career out of it. 24 years old, she was a finalist on the TV show Showtime at the Apollo in the USA, and two years later, she signed her first record contract in Tokyo, where she has released seven CDs and toured Asia with her music. Annekei has won two awards in Japan, the Ad Lib Awards for ‘Best New Foreign Artist 2006’ and ‘Best New International Pop/Rock Album 2009’. Her sixth solo album was produced in Los Angeles by guitarist Lee Ritenour, with whom she has also toured the world as a guest singer. Annekei is currently based in Aarhus.

  • Niels Rønsholdt