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John Holloway

From left John Holloway, Jaap ter Linden, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Ursula Weiss, Mogens Rasmussen
John Holloway is one of the leading baroque violinists of his generation. His recordings include Vivaldi's chamber concertos and The Four Seasons, Bach's Musical Offering and sonatas for violin and harpsichord, and the violin sonatas and other instrumental chamber works of Handel. His interpretation of Bibers Rosary Sonatas won him the Gramophone Award for the Baroque Instrumental Recording of 1991. He has appeared as a soloist and director all over Europe and in North and South America, performing with The Academy of Ancient Music, The Taverner Players, Freiburger Barokorchester and others, and has also participated in numerous concerts and recordings with Les Arts Florissants and The Taverner Consort. Since giving up his positions as leader of the London Classical Players and The Taverner Players, which he had held since the ensembles were founded in the 1970s, John Holloway has concentrated on chamber music projects, in particular with Three Parts upon a Ground (where he plays seventeenth-century music for three violins with Stanley Ritchie and Andrew Manze) and Trio Veracini (with Lars Ulrik Mortensen and David Watkin).
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