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A Noone of Night

Palle Mikkelborg

A Noone of Night

Gert von Bülow, Helen Davies, Lilian Tørnqvist, Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir Københavns Drengekor, Ebbe Munk

“An enjoyable disc” American Record Guide

Spiritual and heavenly beautiful choral music by the famous jazz trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg.

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    Jewel Case
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Palle Mikkelborg. © Edition Wilhelm Hansen
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A Noone of Night (1997)
1 I The Noone of Night 6:10 9,60 kr.
2 II A Breton Fisherman's Prayer 2:24 6,40 kr.
3 III The Fly 3:43 6,40 kr.
4 IV Over and Over 4:25 6,40 kr.
5 V Infant Joy 2:16 6,40 kr.
6 VI The Tyger 6:27 9,60 kr.
7 VII The Teacher 8:59 9,60 kr.
My God and My All (1991)
8 I Introduction 2:25 6,40 kr.
9 II Glorious God 7:11 9,60 kr.
10 III Simple Prayer 3:09 6,40 kr.
11 IV Joy 3:15 6,40 kr.
12 V Glorious God 3:05 6,40 kr.
13 VI Simple Prayer 3:52 6,40 kr.
14 VII O Divine Master 3:13 6,40 kr.
Total runtime: 
61 min.
Release date: 
September 1999
Cat. No.: 
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at Copenhagen Cathedral in January 1998 and March 1999

Recording producer: Palle Mikkelborg
Executive producer: Ebbe Munk
Sound engineer: Cy Nicklin
Mixing, editing & mastering: Palle Mikkelborg and Gert Sørensen, Energy Field Studio, Copenhagen

Cover picture: William Blake: Infant Joy. Songs of Innocence (1789)

A Noone of Night commissioned by Ebbe Munk and the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir

dacapo acknowledges, with gratitude, the financial support of Dansk Kapelmesterforening, the Danish Composers' Society/KODA's Funds for Social and Cultural Purposes and an anonymous foundation