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Harp & Computer. Electroacoustic music from DIEM III

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Ejnar Kanding
Lars Graugaard
Sunleif Rasmussen
Ivar Frounberg

Harp & Computer. Electroacoustic music from DIEM III

Sofia Asuncion Claro

Danish works for solo harp and electronics written for and presented by Sofia Asunción Claro and produced at DIEM. These recordings represent a wide diversity of compositional approaches, ranging from the mysterious neo-romantic world of Kanding's Entbergen to the ever-developing musical gestures of Graugaard's Incrustations, from Rasmussen's lyrical Song of Myself, to the intertwined dramatic scenes of Frounberg's Worlds Apart, not to mention Fuzzy's delightfully playful B-Movies.

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Entbergen (1997)
1 Entbergen (1997) 11:18 12,80 kr.
Incrustations (1994)
2 Incrustations (1994) 12:07 12,80 kr.
The Song of a Child (1997)
3 The Song of a Child (1997) 11:51 12,80 kr.
Worlds Apart (1993)
4 Worlds Apart (1993) 19:14 16,00 kr.
B-Movies (1997)
5 B-Movies (1997) 13:20 12,80 kr.
Total runtime: 
68 min.
Release date: 
March 1999
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Digitally recorded, edited and mastered at DIEM, Århus in 1998

Recording producer: Lars Graugaard
Sound engineer: Claus Pedersen
Mix: Ejnar Kanding (1), Lars Graugaard (2 & 3), Ivar Frounberg (4), Fuzzy (5)

Cover painting: Sofia Asuncion Claro.

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with DIEM