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Works for Solo Guitar

Hans Dal

Works for Solo Guitar

Søren Bødker Madsen

Since the 1960s, Hans Dal, a trained guitarist, has crafted music for a diverse array of films and theatrical productions. On this EP, he revisits his musical roots, showcasing his exceptional ability to create enchanting melodies with five solo guitar pieces composed specifically for his longtime collaborator, guitarist Søren Bødker Madsen.

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Søren Bødker Madsen © PR
From Truck Drama to Guitar Artistry

By the Editorial Staff

It all began with a truck drama: Langtidschauffør (1981) by Peter Ringgaard, a social realist film depicting a group of long-haul truck drivers and their struggles to maintain family life while spending most of their time on the road. Additionally, they fall victim to an insurance fraud scheme devised by their employers and the Southern European mafia.

Hans Dal himself points out that his journey as a composer received a crucial push thanks to the soundtrack of this particular film. Despite the film's modest success in cinemas, it opened the door to a realisation of his abilities as a composer, especially on the guitar. This became pivotal for Dal's career in the film and TV industry, where he is particularly remembered for his contribution to the beloved Christmas TV calendar, Nissebanden. A series that continues to be regularly rerun on Danish television, where Dal, in addition to overseeing the entire soundtrack, also took on the role of the secret agent elf A-38.

Hans Dal © Maj-Britt Boa

Hans Dal, a trained guitarist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music with teaching experience from the National Theatre School, the Academy and Frederiksberg Seminary over 30 years, has left a significant mark on the Danish music scene since the 1960s. Besides composing music for various films and plays, he made an important discovery during his own study years: the classical guitar repertoire felt limited in its expression.

Hans Dal reacted by taking on the challenge. So, he began composing music tailored to his own instrument. The five works on this release have not been published before and not only demonstrate that Dal places significant demands on his guitarists but also show his passion for exploring the guitar's potential as a melodic instrument on par with the piano.

As a composer, Hans Dal openly reflects on his own music and insists that his composer's heart will always beat strongest for beautiful themes, regardless of the musical trends of the time. He sees his work as a composer as a unique opportunity to evoke emotions and touch other people, and for him, it is not just a writing process; it is an inner necessity, an irresistible urge:

'I write music because it is my passion, my calling, and something I simply cannot refrain from. But when I delve into the process, I face the realisation that I may be considered old-fashioned. I have said it before, my works are tonal and melodic, and they may not fit under what some describe as 'good taste'. But I possess the ability to create themes – even some quite good ones, if I may say so myself,' says Hans Dal.

Hans Dal's dedication to melodic and tonal compositions may be perceived as old-fashioned, but it is precisely this unique approach that makes his music timeless.

Release date: 
November 2023
Cat. No.: 
Digital album
Track count: 


Recorded at Maagetown Studios, Aarhus, in January 2023 

Recording producer: Malte Bødker Madsen
Engineering, editing, mixing and mastering: Malte Bødker Madsen

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