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Orchestral Works Vol. 3

Hakon Børresen

Orchestral Works Vol. 3

Henrik Brendstrup, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Owain Arwel Hughes
Hakon Børresen lived as a free, creative artist and was very active in Danish musical life. He wrote three symphonies, a number of small orchestral works, chamber music, an a couple of operas of which Den kongelige Gæst (The Royal Guest) - a Danish counterpart to Richard Strauss' conversation operas - became one of the most frequently performed Danish operas.
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Børresen is a brilliant orchestrator, and has a good ear for smashing melodies. All three works on this CD testify to this
Harry van der Wal, Harry's classical music corner
Total runtime: 
75 min.
Release date: 
May 1999
Cat. No.: 
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at Symfonien, Aalborg, on 30 August - 3 September 1998

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound engineer: Niels Larsen
Editing engineers: Henrik Sleiborg and Clemens Johansen
Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen A/S

Cover painting: Uranienborg, 1594"

dacapo acknowledges, with gratitude, the financial support of Komponist Hakon Børresen og hustru Nanna Børresen, født Berg's legat

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio"