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    In the music of composer and pianist Nikolaj Hess, the interplay of diverse narratives is often evident. In the concert piece Melody, he seamlessly incorporates subtle jazz impressions into a fully orchestrated work for solo violin and string ensemble, which, unusually, features a discreet rhythm section of drums and double bass. Melody delves into the intimate and nuanced emotions and narratives characteristic of chamber music, coming to life through the refined, poetic violin playing of Cæcilie Balling.

    World premiere recording

    Nikolaj Hess
    1 I. Birds 5:34
    2 II. Waves 6:00
    3 III. Melody: Pt. I, Tableaux and Theme 5:06
    4 III. Melody: Pt. II, Fugue and Improvisation 4:04
    5 III. Melody: Pt. III, Cadenza 3:41
    6 III. Melody: Pt. IV, Chorale 4:25
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