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Sing along at home: Phillip Faber and DR Pigekoret

DR Pigekoret and conductor Phillip Faber. (c) Daniel Stjerne

Sing along at home: Phillip Faber and DR Pigekoret

With Denmark under a lockdown, the conductor of DR Pigekoret (Danish National Girls’ Choir), Phillip Faber, invites you to join in community singing every morning in your own living room. If you have felt the urge to join in some Danish songs, here is a selection.

23 March 2020

While Denmark is under a lockdown during the next few weeks, the conductor and TV host Phillip Faber is ready at the piano every morning and on the Danish radio channel P2 and the TV channel DR1 he invites all of Denmark to start the day off in the living room with a couple of songs. When we sing together, we belong together – even when we keep our distance. In this way, our voices can build bridges and knit us together at a time when we must seek to strengthen our sense of community in new ways.

If you have felt the urge to sing even more songs – or just to listen to various Danish songs, you can find several releases with DR PigeKoret and Phillip Faber in Dacapo’s catalogue.

The album Din Danske Sang (Your Danish Song) contains new interpretations of the Danish treasury of song by DR PigeKoret, Phillip Faber and the three soloists Pernille Rosendahl (Swan Lee, The Storm), Mattias Kolstrup (Dúné) and Lau Højen (Carpark North). Stream the album.

DR Pigekoret’s head conductor Phillip Faber (b. 1984) is also a composer, and he set the iconic text of Inger Christensen’s cycle of poems Sommerfugledalen (The Valley of the Butterflies) to music on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. He wrote the music for DR Pigekoret, who have also recorded it. Stream the album.

Among the best-known and best-loved Danish songs are those with music by Carl Nielsen. A selection of them has been recorded by DR VokalEnsemblet, DR PigeKoret, DR BørneKoret (children’s choir) and DR JuniorKoret, conducted by Michael Schønwandt, Phillip Faber and Susanne Wendt. Stream the album.

Børnenes Sangskat (The Children’s Treasury of Song) has brought together 15 of the most loved Danish children’s songs in new arrangements. They are sung by the three choirs active in DR Korskolen: DR SpireKoret, DR BørneKoret and DR JuniorKoret, who are accompanied by some of the country’s best musicians. With Børnenes Sangskat the songs come alive once more – both when one listens and when one joins in too. Stream the album.

  • Oluf Ring, Aksel Agerby, Egil Harder, Sven Gyldmark, Kim Larsen, Steffen Brandt, Sebastian, Poul Schierbeck, Otto Mortensen, Carl Nielsen

    Your Danish Song

  • Phillip Faber


  • Carl Nielsen

    Carl Nielsen sung by the Danish National Choirs

  • Nanna, Gunnar Nyborg-Jensen, Henning Hansen, Benny E. Andersen, Sebastian, Jan Rørdam, Poul Schierbeck, Thorbjørn Egner, Carl Nielsen, Knud Vad Thomsen, Mogens Jermiin Nissen, Vagn Skovlund

    The Children’s Treasury of Song