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Søren Hyldgaard

Versatility is the keyword in describing the prolific musical talents of Søren Hyldgaard. At 34, the young Danish composer is wearing at least three hats; he seems as comfortable at juggling the nuts-and-bolts of composing the seminal epic film score, as he is writing for the concert-hall - be it chamber-, symphonic or a variety of wind ensembles. Yet another approach is Hyldgaard's highly popular 'New Age' or relaxation CD albums, boasting a Platinum Disc for the title "Flying Dreams". Despite his impressive and diverse output, Søren Hyldgaard is basically self-taught in music; a fact that most likely has conveyed the composer's liberal and versatile attitude towards the many styles and genres in contemporary music. Recent and upcoming credits include Søren Hyldgaard's choral-symphonic score for the Scandinavian adventure-fantasy film Eye of the Eagle , a movie significant enough to spawn a soundtrack album from the London-based Virgin label. From the more soothing front of Fønix Musik comes the suitably titled album Sound Tracks, featuring among others the world's foremost recorder soloist Michala Petri, with whom Hyldgaard has worked several times.
  • Launy Grøndahl, Vagn Holmboe, Axel Jørgensen, Søren Hyldgaard

    Romantic Trombone Concertos