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Sjælland String Quartet


In 2004, four of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra’s solo string players became what was later to be called the Sjælland String Quartet. At their Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall debut in 2006, the public experienced their characteristic sound, which continues to make its mark on the musical scene.

The quartet’s programming mixes classical and non-traditional repertoire and includes less well known works by composers like Herman Sandby, Erik Bach, Anders Koppel, Nikos Skalkottas, Dia Succari and Peteris Vasks.

In 2007 the four musicians performed Elvis Costello’s The Juliet Letters at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen and recorded the two string quartets by Sunleif Rasmussen. This was their first CD with Dacapo. The same year the Sjælland String Quartet recorded both quartets by Leos Janác ?ek and performed in Syria, Greece, Italy and the Faroe Islands.