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Roderik Povel


Vocalist and composer Roderik Povel explores the progressive outskirts of the musical landscape and songs from all eras and continents. His work includes the cycle When The Caged Bird Sings, songs to poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar, Jazz and Gregorian Music in cooperation with Schola Maastricht, the solo a cappella programme Alone for Intro in Situ, and more. Povel mainly sings and plays original compositions, working with composers such as Niels Rønsholdt, Wolfgang Braun, Jesse Passenier and Frans Ehlhart. Povel is a music scholar and a senior lecturer in Jazz Vocals, Choir and Ensemble at the Jazz department of Conservatorium Maastricht, and the initiator of the Junior Jazz Conservatorium Maastricht

  • Niels Rønsholdt

    Songs of Doubt