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Remix Ensemble

The Portuguese ensemble Remix consists of fifteen musicians who have devoted their energies to contemporary music. The ensemble is based in Casa da Música, the new concert hall in the northern Portuguese capital Porto. Remix was founded in 2000 and is already one of Europe’s pace-setting ensembles for contemporary music. Since the start it has given first performances to more than 60 new international works. Remix’s repertoire and fields of work range very wide. Besides giving concerts the ensemble works with everything from music theatre, ballet, film and workshops to crossover projects with jazz musicians. The ensemble tours busily and has for example appeared at festivals in Berlin, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Paris, Antwerp, Madrid, Budapest and Vienna. Remix has worked with some of the leading composers of our time, for example Magnus Lindberg, Mark-Anthony Turnage, Matthias Pintscher, Harrison Birtwistle, Heiner Goebbels and Helmut Lachenmann. Since 2005 the German conductor and violinist Peter Rundel has been the ensemble’s artistic director. other conductors who have worked with Remix include Reinberg de Leeuw and Ilan Volkov. Remix has earlier recorded CDs of works by among others António Pinha Vargas, Emmanuel Nunes and Bernhard Lang.
  • Klaus Ib Jørgensen