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Rei Munakata


Rei Munakata is a Japanese conductor and composer in the field of Classical modern music. With imaginative creativity, experimental curiosity and detailed handcraft, he conducts and composes for chamber musicians, ensembles and orchestras all over the world. He is currently the artistic director and the principal conductor of the Curious Chamber Players, a Stockholm-based contemporary music ensemble. Over the years, he has led the group to numerous world premiere performances all over the world. Furthermore, Rei Munakata is also the conductor of the ensembles Scenatet in Aarhus and Mimitabu in Gothenburg. Among his other frequent collaboration partners are ensembles such as Ensemble Gageego!, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin and Oslo Sinfonietta. Rei Munakata is also a passionate educator, who regularly leads instrumental and composition workshops and teaches chamber music in music universities and conservatories.

  • Matias Vestergård

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